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How do you deliver difficult messages? INTRO I'm John Stufflebeem, and I've had to deliver some of the most difficult messages in the world, to some of the most difficult audiences. And I'm here to help you to communicate your most difficult and challenging messages (i.e., bad news) to some of the most challenging audiences, to the best of your ability. Good vs Bad News There's nothing I like to do more than to deliver good news to nice audiences, but sometimes that isn't an option Acknowledge that it is hard to do.... -- Examples of difficult messages - Business person - Employee concerns about layoffs - public concerns about a product - customer concerns about experience or capabilities - Redefining public image/brand to stay competitive in market - Politician - Health care - Increase taxes - Government job layoffs - Job Seeker - Maybe you were fired - Insufficient training or experience - Personal - breaking up with significant other - life crisis 1. I've had to deliver some of the most difficult anywhere, and in history -- give examples from white house, Nato, military, football 2. What result are you trying to achieve? 3. What is the result supposed to look like? 4. Reverse engineer the steps it takes to get there 5. Requires a flexible plan 6. When dealing with change, Communicate early, often and accurately 7. Acknowledge that bad things can happen. Let them know you care 8. Don't be afraid to say I don't know

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Strategic and Crisis Consulting Services. See, www.njsgroup.net


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